Saturday, February 20, 2016

Emma's Pages (13)

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- I have to go..., Matthew whispered.
- Yeah..., Emma said.
- I... I don't have any of my things here... and... it's getting late, he added.

Then he raised pulling her closer, sticking his forehead to hers.
- This is the right thing to do..., he could barely speak.
- I know... 

Emma looked into his sad eyes... She knew he was right. She was confused, thrilled and scared at the same time. Her heart was beating faster. The feelings grew stronger and she was so damn aware that she loved him more and more with every breath she took... 

But... she just couldn't allow herself to become the third element in his messed-up relationship. Her dignity and life principles were keeping her realistic. She had to let him go, so that he worked things through first...Even if she was so sick and tired of doing the things the way she had to and not how she wished to.

She wanted to live more the way she felt and to forget about the rules, the boundaries and about everything that would keep her apart from the man she loved and who loved her back...


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