Saturday, February 11, 2017

11th of February - Make a Friend Day

According to Make a Friend Day, we should be making at least one new friend today, to celebrate properly. 😊

When we are young, children or teenagers, we crave mostly to meet new people, to spend time out with large groups of what we call "friends", to make new ones, to get to know as many new faces as possible.

When we are young, we don't judge too much and we make little selective choices when it comes to people. We rarely see the true colours of the ones we hang out with because we don't care about this as long as we're having fun.

But as the time goes by, as we grow older and wiser, many people come and go, touching our lives, some walk on the same path with us and then they say good bye at a certain point, some we meet along the way in moments of hardship or joy and join us until the very end, others show up now and then, reminding us that, even if they are not always there, they are with us, be it because they really mean something to us or because they have a personal interest.

When you reach a certain age, after having met hundreds of people, you become so much more selective. You prefer to narrow it down to a small group of friends. Because quality matters so much more than quantity and because less is more.

Those people are the only ones you can truly call friends and accept in your private space, those are the ones whose qualities and flaws match perfectly yours, whose imperfections are nothing but another reason to love them and care about them more, whose lives blend completely with your own, who you can call soulmates without being wrong for a second, who shed the light you need in times of darkness.

It's hard to trust new people these days, new or even those who you've been knowing for years. Or at least you thought you've known. It's hard to leave your comfort zone and embrace the change in this area, to the point where you should invite new people to your existence. But sometimes it's worth the shot. That's a reality as well. It's risky indeed, but it's worth the shot to let new souls around once in a while. Some will come to stay and others will just be passing by, but oh well, only time can really tell in the end. 👭

As for today, I prefer not to celebrate, at least not with new friends. It feels so comfy with the ones I have, that I prefer it like this for a while more. Maybe some other time I will give it a try.  But not today. 😀😁