Monday, November 9, 2020

Where Am I when I Can't Find Myself


Arhiva personală - 2016


where am I when I can't find myself?

in a book left on the shelf,

in someone's dreams, in a black hole,

losing my mind, losing control.


where am I when I can't breathe?

above the water or beneath,

locked in a bottle with a note

which I forgot my own hands wrote.

who am I when I'm not enough

when autumn days are long and tough,

when I can't see a ray of light,

through my own eyes that still shine bright?...

Thursday, November 5, 2020

I think I'm a Tree... I think I'm a Bird




I think I'm a tree...

I haven't moved an inch in years,

I stopped feeding my dreams and fears,

I love the wind between my leaves,

The soothing peace it sometimes brings...

I think I'm a tree...

I'm craving for the high blue sky,

To join the careless butterflies,

The bumblebees that are so free...

But I cannot. I'm just a tree...

I think I'm a bird...

I live my days in a small cage,

I have no sorrows and no rage,

I only take what I'm being thrown

I have no power of my own.

I think I'm a bird...

I sing off key some shady rhymes,

I chirp along from time to time,

I stare at the wide open door,

Can I just fly? Not anymore...

But you know what? I'm not a tree. 

I can still move, I can be free.

I spread my wings cause I'm a bird

That wants to fly and to be heard.

Turns out that I can rise and shine,

Leaving the comfort zone behind

And heading to fulfil some dreams

To learn some new songs. So it seems...

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