Sunday, January 8, 2012

Let them in

They are coming back... People from your past... When you least expect it, it happens! 
You thought you'd never see them or hear about them again... But here they are. You talk to them or even meet them. You find out so much about what they've become since you've seen them last time and it makes you smile with joy knowing that they are ok  :)
And it feels kind of good to have them back. (I mean, why not?) They say everything happens for a reason. You might wonder sometimes what is the reason for this and find no answer. But who cares anyway? They are persons you cared about somehow, who meant a lot for you at that time and you're glad they are back, even if they have changed and so did your relationship with them.
However, God knows better. And you can do nothing but accepting or rejecting their presence into your life.. Your choice will be, of course, the first one as you know you have so much to learn from every person that walks next to you on your path...

1 Martie

Vă doresc tuturor o primăvară caldă, plină de soare și de flori, cu nenumărate bucurii și zâmbete!