Sunday, July 21, 2013

You... Her...

You can see sweet autumn in her eyes. It’s raining.
You can see snowflakes in her hair. Time is merciless.
You can feel slow heartbeats in her chest. She’s losing it.
You can hear her empty silence. She’s up to something.
You can hold her cold hands. She’s dancing with the wind.
You can see her breaking rusty locks. It’s inner peace.
You can taste her naïve thoughts. She’ll never grow up.
You can find her smiling among the stars. She’s going home.
You can see her painting the world. With her fingertips.
You can follow her in her magic maze. You’ll get lost.
You can blow her mind away. She will love you forever…

Monday, July 15, 2013


sometimes i feel sad when i listen to a sad song
sometimes i feel sad when a heartbeat is wrong
sometimes i smile because the sun is smiling
sometimes i smile because i feel like crying

sometimes my high dreams hit so badly the ground
sometimes i dance cause the world still goes round
sometimes i care, sometimes i don't.
but i'll never give up. i promise i won't!

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