Friday, September 27, 2013

Superblog 2013

Întâmplător sau nu, am găsit un articol despre Superblog 2013. L-am citit pe nerăsuflate, recunosc :D şi mi-am zis: "Hmmm, o provocare? " De ce nu? Mă înscriu! :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Because... you


I want to abandon myself 
in your arms, 
like you abandon your heart
in my hands...
I want to fill that empty space
between your arms...
I want to draw
a real smile on your face
because people don't fall in love
with sad eyes...



When it's raining love,
don't open your umbrella...
When it's raining lies,
don't open your heart...
When it rains heavily,
don't expect the rainbow...

When she kisses your soul,
don't take that step back...

Hold on... let go...


When you don’t get what you want it’s either because that thing is for you, but you need to make more efforts and fight more to make it worth, either because it’s not for you and you have to let go and move on for what’s best for you. The tricky thing is that you need to figure out which of these two situations you are into. And choose wisely...

A little soft...

If life were a music box, 
it would sound like this: 
a little soft, 
a little sad, 
a little hopeful, 
a little painful...
all wrapped up 
with love and dreams…

What is trust?


When you tell someone 
your deepest thoughts 
and feelings, 
it's like sheltering 
your entire soul 
in a safe drawer,
locked with a magic key, 
called trust...

I dare you!


I don’t want to live 
in my dreams anymore. 
It’s too painful... 
I'm packing 
and leaving. 
Real life here, I come! 
Hit me if you dare!


Untamed wrinkles, 
warm tears, 
deep sighs, 
white hair, 
dark circles 
have written more stories
than all the words 
in the dictionary 
ever will...

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