Sunday, March 31, 2013


All I need right now is a peaceful quiet place to hide my heart, to hear my thoughts and think about all those things I don't want to think about...
I need to run away from my dreams for a while, to clear my mind and build a new me... before someone gets hurt...

De ce doare sufletul atunci când doare...

Pentru că sufletul tânjeşte după linişte şi pace, dar este înghiţit de agitaţie, prea multă forfotă, prea multă grabă
Pentru că lumea e prea mare, iar tu, mic fiind, nu-i mai poţi face faţă
Pentru că gândeşti prea mult şi visezi prea mult
Pentru că nu ştii cine eşti, ce vrei şi încotro te îndrepţi
Pentru că este nedrept de frig şi întuneric atunci când soarele şi florile ar trebui să-ţi zâmbească
Pentru că nu ai lăsat lacrimile să curgă la timpul potrivit
Pentru că niciodată nu vei putea să salvezi lumea
Pentru că depinzi prea mult de alţii până şi pentru cele mai mărunte lucruri
Pentru că fluturii trăiesc atât de puţin şi aproape că ţi-ai dori  să fii unul
Pentru că îţi doreşti să zbori cât mai departe, cât mai sus, dar atâtea suflete atârnă greu de aripile tale
Pentru că nu mai ai loc nicăieri; sunt prea mulţi oameni în jur
Pentru că ai strâns multe dureri sub preşul frumos decorat cu zâmbete
Pentru că îţi pasă prea mult, simţi prea mult, dăruieşti prea mult
Pentru că eşti orb şi încăpăţânat
Pentru că nimeni nu înţelege şi nu va înţelege vreodată
Pentru că sunt atâtea lucruri şi persoane care te fac fericit şi trist în acelaşi timp
Pentru că oamenii mor prea repede, prea tineri, prea nefericiţi

 Şi totuşi, micile bucurii ale vieţii pot fi oricând mai presus de orice durere...

Monday, March 11, 2013


My greatest fear is that I will not live long enough to fulfill all my dreams and to make happy all the people I love and care so much for. 
I fear I will not have enough chances to show and use my bright side.

I fear I will let too many words unsaid and I will lose too much because of this. 
I fear that at the end of the world I will look behind and regret I dreamed too much and didn't take all the chances I had.

I fear I will become a bad person because sometimes this mad world is so overwhelming...
I fear I won't be able to show how much I value the people who deserve this.

I fear that if I go with the flow I will end crushed by the wild waves...
I fear I have too many fears...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Let me...

Let me softly hug your heart,
tell you a story I've been through,
kiss your dreams sweet good night,
take a souvenir of you.

Let me dedicate you tears,
crush those struggles in your eyes,
tear apart all your dark fears,
wrap you with cute butterflies.

Let me keep you for a lifetime,
share with you my mellow sun,
turn your hopes into a bright light,
grab you by the hand and run.


I promise that one day I will take all my wonderful special fascinating souls I discovered and fly away, out of the universe. We deserve a better world!


They say everyone has a soulmate and sooner or later, you will find him/ her or the other way around.
But frankly I strongly believe that we have more soulmates then we ever thought. All those special hearts you get in touch with on your way, you gather and cherish, take care of them, keep them close to you like priceless treasures they are.

It's that crazy sweet sister you have spent all your childhood with, who knows all your secrets, all your dreams and fears; who you support all the time, laugh with, care for more than you care for yourself.

It's your best friend who you feel at ease with, no matter where you are and love to chit-chat for hours with; who puts a soft smile on your face everytime you meet, who you'd do anything for, to see her happy and fulfilled.

It's that special friend you barely see a few times a year, but keep in touch by any other means because you feel deep inside a strong connection that links you both; you know you need so badly this relationship as it's simply meant to exist.

There are those random persons you try to bound with and rarely speak too; every time you talk to them, you clearly feel they are that kind of souls you are comfortable with and you push it so far that eventually you become close friends. You want to know more about them, to share more about yourself and shelter them in your heart.

It's that person you simply love, who is part of your future plans, who heals everything with a word, who you like to surprise in beautiful ways, who you feel close even when you're far away one from each other.

If you don't have at least one of the above, then you must be really poor... But it's never too late to fix this

Sunday, March 3, 2013


That moment when you realize that too many pieces of your puzzle are missing and you will never be able to find them to put them back together
That moment when you decide to trash most of your dreams as they hurt you more than anything
That moment when you decide that you won't struggle anymore to fit in as you were born to stand out
That moment when you raise from the dark, gather all the sparkles you have dropped on the ground, and move on
That moment when despite the closed doors, you have the chance to fly away through that narrow window
That moment when you can laugh in their faces as they don't know anything
That moment when you find out you were born not to be perfect, but to make someone's life perfect...

- You said you were ok.
- I lied...


 Living in the clouds is not always fun and cosy. You are so high, far away from the trouble in the world, having soft dreams all day long, being closer to God and the angels. Your hopes are fed with soft whispers, you feel warm and protected, the colours play joyfully inside your heart, and the light wraps gently every pore within your body.
It's that nice feeling when everything goes as you wish, even if it happens only in that forbidden place, your wide imagination...
But living up there, can be dangerous sometimes... it can be windy, cold... Storms show up out of the blue and by the time you realize it, your whole being is messed up. Your collection of dreams is blown up and broken in a second and you feel like walking barefooted on broken glass...
And when you fall... well, that's the worst part. The way you go down, the way you smash when reaching the ground, the way the monsters in the real world grab you and tear you apart... That's not a nightmare, that's not your vivid imagination going wild, that's reality. That's THE reality you forgot to take care of, to live it and accept it, the one you are trying to run away from, no success though... And now it's taking revenge...

Friday, March 1, 2013

Une goutte d'amour


J'ecoute chaque moment
les chansons parfumées de ton cœur
qui volent mes pensées
et me font rêver comme une folle...

Les fleurs tombent suavement des tes mains fortes, 
les feuilles d'automne partent de mon âme, 
soufflées par le vent,
pour mourir quand tu me manques...

1 Martie

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