Saturday, June 29, 2013


Sunt cioburi împletite cu zâmbete naive,
ascunse grijuliu sub preșuri învechite,
colecții întregite pentru mai târziu.

Sunt povești întortocheate pe care
le citești de la sfârșit la început,
fără grabă, fără să știi de ce.

Sunt zile de vară în care te simți
ca o cafea slabă fără zahăr și e trist
că nu te gustă nimeni în zori.

Sunt nopți menite să deschizi încet
cutia Pandorei ascunsă printre vise 
și descoperi că speranța este un mit.

Sunt suflete străvezii după care tânjești,
să le atingi, să le cuprinzi în palme,
să le îmbrățișezi, să le dai aripi.


Saturday, June 22, 2013


So this is how it ends. She never fit in this world in the first place. Despite all her efforts, there is no way you can insert a round shaped thing in a square. This will never happen. She takes a deep breath and stops. And she turns her back to the world. Just like that.

Even the sun is brighter in the opposite direction…

Friday, June 21, 2013


You took me up, on the highest mountains,
telling me you will teach me how to fly.

But you dropped me.
Just before I realized I had no wings.

You were my wings.
And you didn't save me...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Caution! Midnight Malicious Thoughts

Let me cry, this time only, to save me from myself...

Once in a while, allow me to regret something I didn’t do...

I ended up wondering how much I have to lower my expectations just to feel a little happiness...

I need an extreme change. That kind of change that literally proves this life is really worth living with all body and soul… 

I don't always fall, but when I fall, I break into thousands of pieces…

The more you ignore them, the more they will haunt you down when you least expect…

As I walk, it feels like stepping barefooted on broken hearts...

And maybe amnesia is the best cure for everything...

I’m really not afraid. I’ve been here before. Feels like home...

I'm sorry... I lost my superpowers...

"Even heroes have the right to bleed..."

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I learned that it's pointless to try to understand the people. The only thing you'll get from this is a headache. So take them as they are or let them be. Love them and cherish them as long as you have them in your life.

I learned that all those situations you once called problems, simply fade away when you compare them to the pain the death of someone you love has caused you.

I learned that age is just an illusion. The real age stays in your heart and actions.

I learned that the colourful song of a nightingale in the middle of the night can heal so many wounds and bring out so much peace, no matter how hopeless you feel.

I learned how amazing it can be to truly learn important lessons from every single person that crosses your path in life. Open your eyes wide and your heart even wider!

I learned that we can't all make a difference to the world. But if each one of us makes a difference to at least one person in our life, imagine how much different the whole world would then be. 

I learned that sometimes the best way to make a dream come true is not to dream about it anymore. It will come true one day, after a while, when maybe you don't even want it anymore.

Make the Difference

Some people talk too much not because of a common need for chattering. But because of so many feelings floating in their hearts and so many thoughts stuck in their minds. And because they don't have too often the opportunity to let it all out. That’s why, once they grab it, they will create worlds behind the words, they will be able to heal wounds and raise hopes high, to pour sparkles in the deepest darkness and put some smiles where they are missing.
Just pay attention and make the difference.

1 Martie

Vă doresc tuturor o primăvară caldă, plină de soare și de flori, cu nenumărate bucurii și zâmbete!