Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Emma's Pages (14)

Do you know why people love you so much? I think you know it, don't you?...
You carry that genuine light, that soothing and yet sparkling inner peace, that cozy warmth that not many people have been endowed with.

One does not have to be close to you or know you personally to feel that. It's in everything you show and in every word you write or say. Even if you are a million miles away, that is something one cannot miss. You have something from beyond this twisted world and, being aware of it or not, everybody is thirsty of that kind of stuff.

You're one of the persons that people follow like the butterflies follow the light. Because your creativity, your inspiring personality, your high level of dedication to everything you are in touch with, be it profession, family or friends, all put together is so beautifully overwhelming and cannot simply be unnoticed.

You are my kind of magic and this is why you are in my "collection" of special souls that I will always keep close to my heart. Because knowing that people like you exist makes the world a better place to live...