Thursday, December 12, 2013

They are wrong!

When you’re used to give and give, rarely take and even more rarely ask for things, people will think that you have everything and almost never believe that you need something.
When you smile all the time, people will think that your entire life is flawless, that your hidden heart knows no sorrows, no worries, no tears.
When you're always calm and serene, people will see you as a hideous abnormality when you dare having a completely human normal well-deserved breakdown.
When you are quiet most of the time and avoid crowds, people will think that you don’t like being surrounded by others, that you don’t like to spend time with others, that you don’t like the people.
When you are always comforting the others when they are sad or depressed, people will think that you don’t ever need a shoulder to cry on, or a helping hand, or simply, someone to be there and listen.
When you have a relationship, people will think that you have all you need and that you have no right to complain. You should be happy only because you have someone to love and to be loved by, they would say.
When you like to be alone once in a while, people will think that you are a freak and shouldn’t be disturbed.
When you don't speak too much, people will think that you have nothing interesting to say and they will most likely interrupt you with what they think is the most important story in the world.
When you don’t have what they call “normal activities”, people will say you are weird and care too little to accept that each person’s normality is different from their own and to appreciate the uniqueness in every human being that crosses their path.

The question is: will anyone ever really-really understand, if you make an effort to explain?

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