Friday, February 10, 2017

10th of February - Umbrella Day

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Today, people celebrate Umbrella Day.

Umbrella makes me think of rain most of the times, of gloomy weather and people shriveling. It makes me think of cold days and people hurrying to go home, to find shelter.

It makes me want to grab a cup of hot tea and heavy blankets, to seek a warm and comfy place.

Knowing that today is Umbrella Day made me write a short story without an ending. So I really need to put my thoughts together for the next part. 😊
- To be continued -

Here's the story: 

The fourth day in a row, drizzled rain was falling from the skies, from the dark chunky clouds. The sun has been hiding for a while now, wandering who knows where. Maybe it needed a vacation, a long break, away from the crazy world it was enlightening every day.

Martina was walking slowly on the sidewalk, looking up and smiling, enjoying the drops of rain on her face. She didn't seem to mind the weather, nor the chilly air. Her summer dress was all wet and was sticking to her body, but it didn't bother her.

She took off her sandals and kept walking, joyfully humming a song she heard on the radio a couple of hours ago. Suddenly she stopped very close to the park. She saw a man sitting on the bench who, just like her, didn't seem to have a problem with getting all wet. He was looking down at his feet.

Martina got closer to him and hid behind a tree. She has been staring at him for a few minutes, noticing that the man was a little sad. Or depressed. Or both. He was sighing once in a while, frowning and running his hand through his hair...

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