Saturday, March 17, 2012

Once upon a thousand times (3)

 Missing half

Once upon a time there was this half-girl. She woke up from her half empty bed, washed half of her face and, half aware of what she felt, she began to live a new half of a day.
She read half of a book, called her best friend half of minute, told her half of a story and went to shopping. She filled half of her basket, paid only half of the money and returned home half limping...
She went into the kitchen were she washed half of the dishes, ate half of an apple and went out in the garden.
She enjoyed the dark half of the sun, picked half of a rose and thought how half dead she was...
Her half of the day has passed so fast and she went to her half empty bed, half crying, closing half of her eyes, dreaming how happy she would be if she weren't so fully broken...

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