Monday, April 4, 2016

My Kind of People :)

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I love to surround myself with genuine people. I'm pretty sure you all know them. :)

They are those people:
who are simply themselves and don't pretend to be what they're not just to be liked by the others,
who don't keep flattering the others in order to make them do (free) things for them,
who do all they can to become the best version of themselves just the way they are, even if they are imperfect, flawed, full of ups and downs,

who speak only their heart and the truth, and don't indulge into fake sweet words just to get under the skin of others for their own benefit,
who are always nice just because they deeply feel that and not only when it's convenient to them,
who send gifts over with an open heart, hoping to make a nice surprise to others and not to receive undeserved appreciation,

who say what they mean and mean what they say, every single word,
whose actions are their number 1 witness,
who do what they say and don't spend time bragging around that they will do this and that only to impress, when they actually don't do anything,

who always draw people's attention through the magic light they carry and not through seeking attention,
who never care or worry about what people will say because they know they don't have anything to hide and, most of all, they don't have a fake image to maintain,
who never try to fool or deceive the others, but only encourage and inspire them to grow, to raise their standards, to achieve more than they have ever dreamed of.

These are my kind of people and I find it difficult to tolerate any other kind around me... 
This is why I try to stay away from the other type and luckily life keeps some of them away from me. This is just one of the ways to avoid being touched by the negativity of the world we live in.
Bottom line, a big thank you to both the genuine and fake people that are or were part of my life. They have all inspired me to learn, to change my perspectives and my priorities, to know who deserves my energy and my time, even to be creative...  

Some taught me how beautiful life is simply because I was blessed and lucky to know them and some taught me what I would never want to become...
I will always keep both lessons in mind. :)


  1. Wowww what a great and inspiring post! I love all your ideas! Sending you loads of kisses and hugs. Liuba x

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Liuba! I'm glad you liked it :) Hugs and kisses back :*


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