Tuesday, July 28, 2020

My Best Friend Forever and My Worst Enemy...

It sucks to be me on so many levels,
Fooled by the demons, protected by angels, 
I smile and I laugh, I frown and I sigh, 
Spinning in circles, while I'm doing fine. 

I dance without music, I stumble and fall, 
I rise, I get angry and hit hard a wall, 
I hate it, I love it cause this is so me, 
It hurts me, it breaks me, it motivates me. 

Some days I am good, then I turn really bad. 
I think I am happy, but go to sleep sad. 
I open my wings and try to fly high, 
But when I look down, I fear I might die. 

Sometimes, the apocalypse seems to be coming. 
I'm on the shore, but I'm almost drowning. 
I'm afraid of storms in clear daylight, 
I surrender my soul without any fight. 

But then there are days when I give myself love, 
I see only rainbows and cute butterflies, 
I like everybody and they all like me, 
It feels the best time to breathe and to be! 

Sometimes I need to be heard, to be seen, 
To be what I am: a nice human being, 
To go out, meet friends or strangers too, 
Not to worry about what I say or I do. 

But there come the days when I want to be dust, 
To feel no love, hatred or lust, 
To enjoy what I need most in the world:
Peace and full silence, not hearing a word. 

There are these days when I look deep inside, 
Finding myself the best place to hide;
Then I look in the mirror and what do I see?
My best friend forever and my worst enemy...

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