Monday, November 14, 2011

So who needs a dreamworld...

... when real life is amazing? :)

having the chance to look everyday in the deepest blue eyes, drowning into them and never getting enough;

being spoiled with the warmest, tightest hugs and never wanting to escape them;

having for dessert millions of sweet kisses and still craving for them every second you can't taste them;

sleeping cosily every night in his arms, knowing that nothing bad will happen as long as he watches over you so that you only have puffy dreams;

never wanting to let go of his hand, no matter how harsh some moments might be;

smiling body and soul, especially when his childish smile is the only sun that can make you rise and shine every morning;

having solid plans for the future and imagining together how your first child will be

etc. etc. etc.

This can be called without any doubt full happiness and it can anytime beat dreamworlds of any kind.
If you have all these, you can considered yourself a blessed person...

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